Even though the North Las Vegas Detention Center hasn’t been running since 2012, eBAIL still provides an inmate search tool to help locate prisoners. Prisoners that would normally be held in the North Las Vegas Detention Facility are now housed at the City of Las Vegas Detention Center. eBAIL’s inmate search tool provides friends and loved ones, as well as other police departments the ability to track and find updates on specific inmates from the North Las Vegas Detention Center.

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Using the Inmate Search Tool

There are a couple of different search options that can be used to find the latest status updates of North Las Vegas prisoners. One way is to go online and enter the last name of the prisoner. The other way is to pick up the phone and contact the highly professional and helpful group at eBAIL. Inmate updates are changed frequently and are only available once a prisoner has fully completed the process of being booked into the facility. Both the online search tool and the customer helpline is available for use any time of the day or night, including weekends and holidays.

Searching by Last Name

For a user choosing to use the online inmate search tool, the best way to locate prisoners that were arrested in North Las Vegas, and are now being housed in the detention center in Las Vegas, is to look using the prisoner’s last name. For the quickest and most accurate information, knowing the complete and correct spelling of the last name is of high importance. For issues of spelling of a North Las Vegas prisoner’s name, a user can enter a handful of letters, and be presented with multiple options to look through. Please note that detention center prisoners from NLV are listed in this database.

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Searching Over the Phone

The convenience and constant access the phone line provides is immeasurable. No matter where a user may be located, by calling eBAIL at 702-462-9200, a caller can request detention center prisoner updates and statuses any time using a touch-tone telephone. Everything from pending release dates, the charges against the prisoner, court appearances, and bond or bail amounts if applicable, are available through the customer line that is manned for your convenience by eBAIL. If a caller only has basic information about a prisoner, the folks at eBAIL can assist in tracking down the prisoner being sought after and will provide the most up to date information, free of charge. This is a service eBAIL provides to further establish themselves as committed members and friends of the community.

Whether one chooses to use the online system or the telephone, information is available for those looking for a friend, loved one, or just someone they may know who is now in jail.

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